The Gates @ Elaleni, High-End Boutique Office Space

One of the many features at Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate includes the 9 boutique offices, which are available for sale or on a rental basis. Ranging from 25m² to 100m², these offices are specially crafted for likeminded professionals, who will provide a service or offering that enriches the lifestyle experience for Elaleni residents and guests. Moreover, the offices also benefit from its prime North Coast positioning; being one of South Africa’s fastest growing commercial, retail and residential hubs.

In addition to the office space, Elaleni provides 70m² of retail space, ideal for coffee barristers or artisan bakers. While the corner office, boasting an exclusive and private space nestled in amongst nature, is ideal for a tranquil spa. With only a limited number of opportunities available, those occupying the offices will seek to enhance the unique, environmentally conscious ethos that underpins the clear vision for Elaleni as an estate.

Sigweje Shopping Centre, Ladysmith – Rural Centre

We identified demand in this area for a distinct shopping mall. We capitalised on this demand and crafted change for a community. Sigweje has not only empowered the people in this area but it has also bought them convenience right at their door step.

  • Rural Centre
  • 5500sqm
  • Fully Let
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